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Racers Against Child AbuseRACERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE was founded by Nat and Amy Barber in March 2013 as a Facebook group. We now have over 2000 members from across the US and Canada. Please like our page or join our group for updates, pictures, and information about prevention and awareness of child abuse.

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Lake Christian Ministries LogoIn a loving Christian atmosphere, Lake Christian Ministries works to enable each individual to feel valued, connected and live in hope by providing services that address immediate needs and programs that assist each person in gaining a secure future and a better quality of life.
LCM serves families in northern Franklin and southern Bedford counties as well as that portion of Pittsylvania county bordering Smith Mountain Lake.
We are supported by local churches, civic organizations, businesses, and individual contributors.
LCM programs and services are operated by over 175 dedicated volunteers willing to help those in need.

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LCM first opened its doors in September 1992 as a satellite facility under Bedford Christian Ministries. Supported by four local churches – Bethlehem United Methodist, Morgan’s Baptist, Resurrection Catholic and Trinity Ecumenical Parish – and other concerned individuals and community organizations, LCM operated out of the old Rucker House donated by Moneta Medical Center and located across from Moneta Elementary where the Firehouse now stands.

While the rent-free facility allowed LCM to offer food, clothing and other household goods, and financial aid, the deteriorating condition of the old house became too serious to ignore. In the fall of 1996, LCM was forced to find a new location. For the next two years, LCM operated from a small space in the basement of Resurrection Church, providing only food and financial aid to clients.
How did Lake Christian Ministries afford their present facilities?
In late 1998, as Dave and Cindy Cappellari, owners of CAPPS Home Building Center, neared completion of their new store in Franklin County on Route 122, they announced their plans to donate one acre of land and the 4,000 sq. ft. facility once known as Moneta Building Supply to LCM. With the enthusiastic support of numerous volunteers, the building was remodeled to accommodate an expansion of the full range of services formerly offered. LCM celebrated its grand “re-opening” in early 1999 and is where LCM is today.

Nichi Bei LogoThe Nichi Bei Foundation is an educational and charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping the Japanese American community connected, informed and empowered — primarily through a community newspaper (Nichi Bei Weekly) and Website (, as well as educational programming.

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The Nichi Bei Foundation is an innovative nonprofit educational organization, rising out of the ashes of a community-serving media legacy dating back to 1899 to launch the first nonprofit ethnic community newspaper of its kind in the country. It strives to be the glue that holds the community together, helping to preserve Japanese culture while shedding light on community issues and documenting the community’s history for generations to come.
Through its nonprofit publication, the Nichi Bei Weekly, the Nichi Bei Foundation has helped to launch such innovative publications such as:
• Japanese Culture and Cherry Blossom Festivals Guide. The only annual guide to Japanese culture in the country, this special publication highlights Japanese cultural centers and springtime festivals throughout the country. In an effort to preserve Japanese culture, special features on cultural arts as well as extensive class listings are included.
• Obon and Summer Festivals Guide. The only annual guide to Japanese summer festivals throughout the country.
• Japanese American Community Resource Guide. Featuring maps and historic walking tours of the last three remaining Japantowns, a directory of community-based nonprofit organizations in California, a Japanese Language School Directory, historical destinations, a guide to community centers and senior centers, and cultural arts class listings.
• San Francisco Japantown Map and Directory. The most comprehensive map and bilingual directory of Japantown. is a community news hub with a Japanese American and pan-Asian American focus. Our site embraces the goals of the Nichi Bei Weekly — the English-language, Japanese American newspaper from which it has sprung—to keep the community connected, informed and empowered.

In addition to providing online circulation for original Nichi Bei Weekly stories, we offer a cadre of bloggers on topics spanning from international news issues to anime and the environment. We also keep our eyes out for the best of the Asian America online, linking our readers to the blogs, news sites, videos and entertainment stories that are most relevant to and reflective of our community. is a one-stop site for Asian American content. We proudly take the rich tradition of quality journalism produced by the Nichi Bei Weekly’s predecessor, the historic Nichi Bei Times, and mix it in with the mission of the non-profit Nichi Bei Foundation, our parent organization. is here to provide a portal for sharing pan-Asian American opinions and ideas and for preserving history and culture through our online archives and resources.

Disability Law Colorado logoIn 1977, the governor designated Disability Law Colorado to be Colorado’s Protection and Advocacy (P&A) System for people with developmental disabilities. Over time, Congress expanded the P&A network which now includes eight federally mandated programs that allow us to reach out to more people with disabilities.
Today, Disability Law Colorado is recognized as a leader in the National Disability Rights Network made up of Protection and Advocacy programs from all the states and territories.

Who is Disability Law Colorado?
Disability Law Colorado (formerly known as The Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People) is an independent, public interest nonprofit organization, specializing in civil rights and discrimination issues.

We work to promote systemic change to sustain or improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities and elders.

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Our Services

We address a wide variety of disability issues ranging from special education, housing and employment, to long-term care and voting rights.

We do this through four core service areas:

  1. Legal Representation
  2. Training and Education
  3. Information and Referrals
  4. Legislative Analysis

Our Origins

Disability Law Colorado was created in 1976 out of the dream of a small group of parents who came together to secure equal rights for their children with developmental disabilities who were living in state institutions. These parents wanted a better life for their children and believed that all people with disabilities deserved the right to live full and rewarding lives.

Love In The Name Of Christ of Central Lane County logoAs Love In the Name of Christ serves the community, it is a call center. We help people in need without regard to age, race, gender, or religion. Referrals are made to community agencies and ministries that churches offer which can be a resource for specific areas in which they may be struggling. Our primary focus, however, is to offer practical, hands-on assistance in a variety of areas through our volunteers’ willing hands and feet. The type of help we can offer will be ever changing as new volunteers step forward, desiring to help others with the talents, hobbies or skills they possess. We’re regularly updating our data base of volunteer teams of people willing to help in these general areas: prayer, meals, rides to appointments, yard work, packing, painting, firewood and stocking pantry shelves as folks transition from being without homes.

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Our Mission at Waldport Arts Group is to nurture, develop, and promote the arts in Waldport, Oregon and the surrounding area through participation, education, and appreciation of arts across a broad spectrum.

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One Hundred Miles logoOne Hundred Miles is a 501(c)3 coastal advocacy organization with a mission of protecting, preserving, and enhancing the 100-mile Georgia coast. Led by a dedicated staff of nine and a committed seven-member Board of Directors, One Hundred Miles focuses on core issues of water and wetlands, land use, changing climate, and wildlife.

One Hundred Miles builds programs around the guiding principle that preserving the natural features of Georgia coast is critical for long-term quality of life and sustainable economic growth. With this in mind, we have established four primary goals to guide our organization’s work.

  1. We protect and preserve the integrity of fresh and saltwater ecosystems throughout coastal Georgia.
  2. We work with all who love our coast to conserve its treasured landscapes and implement balanced strategies for growth.
  3. We help coastal communities understand and adapt to the impacts of climate change, which include sea level rise and increased storm strength and surge.
  4. We connect the scientific community with decision makers to secure healthy populations of coastal Georgia’s signature wildlife species.
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It’s a big job – and we hope you’ll join us. The future of our coast – and the special places we all love

Napa High Napa High Parents Club is a Community of Parents Dedicated to Supporting Napa High School Students, Teachers, Staff and Each Other

We raise funds for classroom mini grants for teachers, NHS Senior Scholarships and other academic areas not covered by the school budget.

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Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermens Associations logoIn the fall of 1992, the Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen’s Association (MSSA) took a major step to protect and preserve the future of recreational fishing in the State. A Scholarship Committee developed the mission, organization structure, rules, and governance documents required to apply for incorporation of a charity that could collect funds and award scholarships to highly qualified students who demonstrated sincere concern for the marine environment and health of the Chesapeake Bay and coastal eco-systems. In 1995, the MSSA Scholarship Foundation Inc. received permission to conduct business as a 501 (c) (3) corporation in compliance with this section of the IRS Code. The Foundation made its first grant of $1000 in that year.

Since then the Foundation has awarded more than $264,000 to 94 young men and women. Graduates who have been recipients of these scholarships have followed careers in environmental research and education, mitigation surveys, fisheries management, animal surgical procedures, and doctoral degrees in biology.

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In the early 1980’s, the environmental condition of the Chesapeake Bay was raised to a crisis level when it became necessary to impose a complete moratorium on the stiped bass fishery.  The stock of this important natural resource had declined to the point where its survival was in question.  Only bold action could save the prime resource that supported a billion dollar commercial and recreational market and was the fish of choice for generations of anglers in the mid-Atlantic region.  MSSA was one of the leaders to fight for the passage of the moratorium and in doing so, increased the awareness of its members to the dangers of declining water quality, loss of marine habitat, and the emergence of new strains of waterborne diseases that were destroying the oyster population and were beginning to be observed in other species including the striped bass

Episodes such as the moratorium gave rise to the issue of sustainability of our marine resources.  In considering how to improve their sustainability, MSSA leadership struck upon the idea of an education-based solution.  If young students graduating from High School or already enrolled in courses of study leading to degrees in marine sciences, environmental engineering/analysis, or natural resources management could be encouraged to earn these degrees, then there was a good chance that they would devote their professional careers to find solutions to the myriad problems that affect the health of both the Chesapeake Bay and our coastal waters.

The purpose for the Napa High Athletic Booster Club, as a non-profit organization, shall be to foster amateur athletic competition and sportsmanship and to develop the youth of today into good citizens of the future by providing spirit, enthusiasm, model behavior and financial support for the total athletic program of Napa High School.  The NHSBC will perform these duties in accordance to and in cooperation with the school administration, by any appropriate means that do not interfere of conflict with the academic or athletic polices of the school or it administration.
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