American Institute of Ethics

We are a California nonprofit 501(c) 3 Corporation established in 2006. Our Mission is to foster discussion, dialogue and debate among people of diverse backgrounds to create an understanding of the basis of ethical behavior.

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Values and Ethics training programs developed by The American Institute of Ethics can help your organization reduce wasted time and money, while increasing employee morale, confidentiality and productivity. AIE’s products were developed by board members who are business professionals, former politicians and academics. They have personally experienced the lack of ethics within their professions.

“Companies are moving away from the notion of having ‘ethics programs’ and focusing on encouraging a culture committed to ethics and compliance,” in which ethics is part of almost every business discussion. Most companies begin ethics training to comply with legal mandates, and to gain liability protection; under the title of Corporate Governance.

As your people struggle with the issues of ethics and values in the workplace, many realize that your employees often do not have a clear understanding of the difference between ethical and unethical business practices.

AIE training program address this issue. We examine the origins of ethics and what is considered ethical behavior. We help them to revise and redefine “our” personal values” and how these values impact decision making. Learn what the best practice methods for making critical decisions are. Most importantly, examine why “trust” or the lack thereof is the most important element in our professional and personal lives.

The success of organizations depends on trust. Consumers purchase based on trust that a product or service will do what it says it will do. Employees trust employers to value their contributions. Companies trust that employees will look after its best interest in an atmosphere of trust. That is why it is critical to clearly communicate exactly what the ethical and moral expectations are for your employees, vendors, customers and the community at large. Your organization’s bottom line depends on it!