Cancer Support Team

For over 30 years, thousands of individuals and families in Westchester have counted on Cancer Support Team.

Cancer Support Team (CST) is a unique, non-profit home care organization that provides professional nursing, social work, and other supportive services, free of charge, to cancer patients and their families living in lower Westchester County, New York.

Cancer Support Team’s staff members are well-trained, compassionate professionals who provide comprehensive supportive services to cancer patients and their families. With many years of experience working in hospitals, home care, and hospice programs, our staff members are uniquely qualified to care for individuals with cancer, as well as provide information and support to loved ones involved in their care.

Our staff members truly understand the special needs of those affected by cancer and can tailor services to patients’ and families’ individual concerns at any stage of the cancer diagnosis.

Who We Serve
Anyone with a primary diagnosis of cancer, who resides in lower Westchester County, New York, is eligible for the services of CST. Patients are required to have a physician and a responsible caregiver. Family members of eligible patients can also receive support services.


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