Coalition For The Advancement Of Student Activities

OUR MISSION: To Empower Student Leaders

SLTP was founded in 1990. Since then, we have staged over 100 leadership programs for over 5000 students and advisers from 26 different states and well over 100 schools. Since our original founding 10 staffers, there have been well over 500 who have volunteered to work at making a difference through SLTP.

Every year since 1990 we have grown. Every year we endeavor to learn how to get better.

We are the definitive leadership training program for secondary school students and their advisers.  That’s a pretty bold statement yet we and everyone who has ever attended or been a part of SLTP recognize it as the plain and simple truth.

Following the adage “people tend to support what they themselves help to create,” the secret to our success and to our growth is staff ownership. Our staff contribute not just their time and effort, but also their ideas.

Teachers all, the staff tinker and stretch the program and its curriculum constantly. The results are plain to see by the effectiveness of the program.

We are proud to be on the cutting edge of experiential and invitational learning, but we are proudest of our graduates because from the skills they learn, they are able to go out and make positive significant differences in their schools, in their colleges, in their communities as well as in their personal and professional lives.“I first came into SLTP lonely and scared.  Having only been in places of judgment and exclusion, I feared that it would be all the same.  My knees buckled as I walked in with my barriers: my mask, my guard, my protection.  I thought that I could hide easily, that no one would notice or care.  Instead I found myself welcomed into a kind environment, where my story was valued and deemed equally important as everyone else’s.  Because of SLTP’s acceptance, I felt more free to be myself rather than put on a front.  In just a few days, my barriers came down to reveal my true self: strong, capable, beautiful.”

Gauri Ganesh – East Greenwich High School, RI

“I first came to SLTP by recommendation of my sister.  She told me that she loved it and that I would have just as great of a time there as she did, but I was wary at first.  I didn’t really think it would be as wonderful as she made it out to be, but my mind was changed almost instantly when I arrived.  Everyone was friendly and encouraging, and the first thing we did was get into groups and meet other people.  From my first day I could tell that SLTP would be a new experience for me, and I was very right.”

Erin Waldman – St. Austin’s Prep, MA

“SLTP is such a great place to be.  Everyone was so friendly, respectful, and great company to be in.  I felt entirely comfortable with expressing my opinions, and I knew that nobody would judge me for what I said.”

Joanna Flanagan – Tahanto Regional High School, MA


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