Colorado Center for Hospice & Palliative Care

The Colorado Center for Hospice & Palliative Care strongly believes in the value of hospice care as the highest-quality care for patients and family caregivers struggling with serious and life-limiting illness. It is the mission of the COCHPC to work to increase access to palliative and hospice services and promote quality standards of care for all Coloradans. Within this mission it is our vision that all Coloradans will live well at the end of life or in serious illness, and that none will suffer needlessly.

COCHPC is committed to serving the entire hospice and palliative care community. Among our membership are programs large and small, urban and rural, nonprofit and for-profit, government owned and faith-based, single site and multi-site, the variations go on, and this diversity enriches our organization and the field. Despite these differences our commitment to caring and excellence is the same.

Our brand promise ensures that we will connect Coloradans in need with palliative and hospice care information and resources. For our members, we will provide advocacy, education, and best practice models of care.


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