FUSION Partnerships, Inc.

Fusion Partnerships logoSince it’s inception in 1998, Fusion has facilitated numerous educational and community workshops. Bridge Experience programs and events help create bridges of understanding across diverse perspectives to develop organizational capacity and individual competency in addressing diversity, racism and related social justice issues. Fusion has also served as facilitator for a number of collaborative initiatives.  Our school based community building diversity retreats and programs develop youth leadership and skills that create a community of connection and a more peaceful, safe and welcoming environment at schools for students and staff.

Through our facilitation and peace building work in the community, we have seen many individuals and groups with great new ideas, effective projects and strong leadership, struggling to do their best without having established themselves as independent nonprofit tax exempt organizations, unable to access foundation funding. Many of these individuals are offering vital services and advocating for underserved populations in their communities. We have met so many amazing community based activists, providers and leaders that deserve to grow and evolve their effective work. Providing that support and access to resources, fits with our expertise, interests and our desire to take action for justice.

Fusion provides support and opportunity for our programs to share ideas, share resources, collaborate and network. This variety of services and issues under “one roof” offers a place for foundations, institutions, and other groups that desire to find a network of folks working to better lives and create change.



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