United Way of Windham County

United Way of Windham County LogoUnited Way of Windham County

Our mission: to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of the community.

Here at United Way we measure success by the difference we’re making in the lives of people in Windham County.

We do this work by mobilizing the goodwill of hundreds of community members to raise money to meet the local need, and to then distribute the money raised, to have the greatest positive impact on a better quality of life for everyone. And in addition, United Way of Windham County is a catalyst for the creation of community solutions by working closely with the providers and other stakeholders to meet our constantly changing local challenges.

Q: What does United Way of Windham County do?
A: United Way unites our community to measurably improve the condition of people’s lives. United Way raises and allocates funds and mobilizes our local resources to work together to best meet the current needs of the people of Windham County (Vermont).

Q: How are United Way of Windham County donation used?
A: Dollars are invested in a wide variety of programs and services that benefit the elderly, children, families and individuals. Your gift makes it possible to shelter the homeless, provide emergency food and shelter, provide daycare, elderly care, health care, crisis intervention, reading skills, personal care for children with disabilities, and much more. Contributions help to provide services that benefit everyone in the community… making this a better place to live and work.