Urban Homesteading Assistance Board


The Urban Homesteading Assistance Board transforms renters into homeowners who collectively own and democratically govern true housing co-operatives that will remain affordable, in perpetuity, to people of modest means.


Our work is based on five core principles articulated below. These principles guide all of our work and create a base of understanding between residents, as the key decision-makers, and UHAB staff, as providers of tools and access to resources.

I. Self Help

Give residents the tools to rehab and develop their own buildings. When residents take control of their housing, it not only improves buildings and strengthens neighborhoods, it transforms lives.

II. Democratic Residential Control

Co-ops are democracies in action. Inclusive, transparent leadership, and the full participation of all residents – enabled by resident education -makes democratic governing possible.

III.Shared-Equity Cooperative Ownership

By allowing departing shareholders to recoup the original cost of their shares plus a modest profit we preserve the co-op’s affordability. Buyers forego possible future profits for the immediate financial gain of the low-priced purchase and monthly housing costs.  Over 30 years, we’ve seen thousands of low- and moderate-income families embrace the bargain.

IV. Housing Quality

Urban housing should be built to last for generations. Our construction and rehabilitation work always exemplifies the highest standards of design, durability, energy efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

V. Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is the key to sustaining housing cooperatives. Through its extensive training and technical assistance services, UHAB provides on-going opportunities to both its own staff and co-op residents to increase their knowledge and skills.