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Napa High Napa High Parents Club is a Community of Parents Dedicated to Supporting Napa High School Students, Teachers, Staff and Each Other

We raise funds for classroom mini grants for teachers, NHS Senior Scholarships and other academic areas not covered by the school budget.

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Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermens Associations logoIn the fall of 1992, the Maryland Saltwater Sportfishermen’s Association (MSSA) took a major step to protect and preserve the future of recreational fishing in the State. A Scholarship Committee developed the mission, organization structure, rules, and governance documents required to apply for incorporation of a charity that could collect funds and award scholarships to highly qualified students who demonstrated sincere concern for the marine environment and health of the Chesapeake Bay and coastal eco-systems. In 1995, the MSSA Scholarship Foundation Inc. received permission to conduct business as a 501 (c) (3) corporation in compliance with this section of the IRS Code. The Foundation made its first grant of $1000 in that year.

Since then the Foundation has awarded more than $264,000 to 94 young men and women. Graduates who have been recipients of these scholarships have followed careers in environmental research and education, mitigation surveys, fisheries management, animal surgical procedures, and doctoral degrees in biology.

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In the early 1980’s, the environmental condition of the Chesapeake Bay was raised to a crisis level when it became necessary to impose a complete moratorium on the stiped bass fishery.  The stock of this important natural resource had declined to the point where its survival was in question.  Only bold action could save the prime resource that supported a billion dollar commercial and recreational market and was the fish of choice for generations of anglers in the mid-Atlantic region.  MSSA was one of the leaders to fight for the passage of the moratorium and in doing so, increased the awareness of its members to the dangers of declining water quality, loss of marine habitat, and the emergence of new strains of waterborne diseases that were destroying the oyster population and were beginning to be observed in other species including the striped bass

Episodes such as the moratorium gave rise to the issue of sustainability of our marine resources.  In considering how to improve their sustainability, MSSA leadership struck upon the idea of an education-based solution.  If young students graduating from High School or already enrolled in courses of study leading to degrees in marine sciences, environmental engineering/analysis, or natural resources management could be encouraged to earn these degrees, then there was a good chance that they would devote their professional careers to find solutions to the myriad problems that affect the health of both the Chesapeake Bay and our coastal waters.

The purpose for the Napa High Athletic Booster Club, as a non-profit organization, shall be to foster amateur athletic competition and sportsmanship and to develop the youth of today into good citizens of the future by providing spirit, enthusiasm, model behavior and financial support for the total athletic program of Napa High School.  The NHSBC will perform these duties in accordance to and in cooperation with the school administration, by any appropriate means that do not interfere of conflict with the academic or athletic polices of the school or it administration.
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South Shore Stars logoSouth Shore Stars is a not-for-profit organization providing the highest quality early education and youth development programs for the communities south of Boston. Founded in 1970, we annually serve over 1,200 children and youth age newborn through eighteen years in a family child care system, Early Head Start, preschool centers, school age centers, middle school programs, a high school program, and summer camp.
By investing in school readiness and academic achievement, promoting healthy development and strengthening families, Stars gives children the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We invite you to explore this site to learn how Stars nurtures a love of learning and creates a brighter future for the children, families and communities we serve!
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Bishop Hendricken School LogoFounded in 1959, Bishop Hendricken High School was named after the first Bishop of the Diocese of Providence, Thomas F. Hendricken. Over the past 50 years, Hendricken has established itself as one of the finest Catholic, college preparatory schools for young men in New England.  Our mission, to bring each and every member of our community into a closer relationship with God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is at the forefront of everything that we do.
While nothing can truly replace the energy and excitement one feels when walking through the doors at Bishop Hendricken High School, we have tried to capture the warmth and spirit of our campus community here online.  If you are an alumni who is looking to reconnect with classmates or teachers, a current parent or student, or a prospective family, please stroll these pages and take in all that Hendricken has to offer:  Ours is a school that is rich in tradition, but ever evolving.
So I invite you to take a look around, talk to friends, neighbors, and alumni about Hendricken.  We have a proud tradition of producing young men of fine character, high intellect, and a deep social conscience, and we invite you to join us.
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Seattle Amistad School LogoAt Seattle Amistad School, we foster community integrity through rigorous bilingual and bicultural education, developing our students’ academic strengths and cultural sensibilities, while nurturing compassionate and engaged citizens.

We believe that children learn and grow best in an environment that respects and nurtures all aspects of their lives. From children’s cultural and linguistic contexts, to their different academic interests and strengths, to their roles as dynamic participants in their families and communities, we encourage children to grow and challenge themselves in every area. We believe that art, music, food, play, and movement are essential components of our lives and our cultures, and should not be separated from children’s education. In fact, we believe that all of these dimensions are essential for a meaningful, transformative academic experience.

We believe that children have a right to nurture and strengthen the cultural and linguistic connections to their families and communities, and to use those strengths as the foundation for a rigorous academic experience. We believe that all children need the linguistic and cultural skills to navigate and influence the complex global society of the future, in order to bring about greater peace and justice for our communities and our world.

At Seattle Amistad School, we envision a community where children don’t have to choose between connection to their cultural values and a good education. Indeed, we know that schools are most successful when they are grounded in and develop students’ cultural and linguistic assets. We envision a community where all students are able to navigate both their own cultural contexts, and those of others. We know that children who have the tools to bridge cultural and linguistic divides will be leaders in creating a more just, compassionate world.
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Launch logoLaunch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that every child has equitable access to a brilliant start. Through our preschool, before & after school and summer programs, each year we serve a diverse group of more than 1,200 children ages 3 to 12 — foundational years when our social, emotional and academic support help launch young lives on a trajectory of success. We partner with schools, families and other organizations to close the opportunity gap, providing the highest-quality care and learning in a safe, fun and enriching environment that honors the whole child. Drawing on 40 years of experience, we serve as a proven model of effective programming and a passionate advocate for children, families and communities.
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Ace Scholarships logoThe philosophy behind ACE Scholarships, we are a nonprofit organization that raises money from generous donors and then awards financial scholarships to students from low-income families so they can attend the school of their choice. ACE Scholarships has quickly become an educational success story. In fact, since 2000, we’ve awarded over 23,000 scholarships worth over $52M, giving children from low-income families the chance to succeed. And succeed they have, graduating high school with most going on to college.
ACE Scholarships works with low-income families from a variety of different circumstances across numerous states. To qualify for an ACE scholarship, a family must meet the income requirements for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Our families have a medium income of $32,000 a year.
90% of the schools our students attend serve inner-city communities.
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Let’s face it. Trying to tackle school reform all at once is a pretty daunting task.
We realized something — we don’t need to. Instead, if we could help just one child at a time, we’d be able to have real impact starting from day one. And so we set out on a mission. We noticed something that everyone else seemed to overlook. While there were a lot of kids from low-income families failing in their current schools, there were a lot of really great schools with extra capacity. We saw independent schools operating with their own philosophies and teaching styles. Yet, as different as they all were, each excelled with the type of students they served. Maybe the problem wasn’t that there weren’t enough good schools, but rather that low-income families didn’t have a way into these schools. So we decided to change that.

Joseph Learning Lab logoJoseph Learning Lab (JLL) believes that a community can be measured by the importance that it places on the growth of its children.  We are committed to maintaining a leadership role in the community as well as be providers of the most innovative, enriching and educational programs, which are presented by degreed and certified educators, tutors, and subject matter professionals in a unique learning environment.

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At Joseph Learning Lab, we work to close the learning gap and reduce the dropout rate.  We are focused on developing students of all ages and diverse backgrounds, providing them an equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.  JLL guides students with the use of leading edge technology to produce stimulating educational solutions.  We are passionate about helping students to become empowered and realize their full academic potential.  We do this by utilizing the most innovative in class and virtual learning approaches, and a comprehensive range of integrated programs for a first-class education.

Each student is evaluated and assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This process allows us to personalize the tutoring sessions to fit each student’s educational needs.  The individualized learning plan is aligned with each student, allowing them to grasp and master learning concepts to stay on track with core courses.

To ensure a student’s success, quality tutoring services are available on school campus, at our organization, or virtual sessions with live, on-line instructors using interactive white boards.

The primary benefits that a child achieves at Joseph Learning Lab:
First, each child will develop stronger academic skills in Math, Reading, English and Writing.
Second, each child will have better concentration, and attention span.
Third, each child will gain more confidence and motivation.
Fourth, each child will have improved study skills, grades and test scores.

Southwest youth and family services logoSouthwest Youth and Family Services was first founded as the Southwest Youth Service Bureau Policy Board in 1979, as part of a citywide program to provide neighborhood-based diversion services in West Seattle and White Center. We were incorporated on September 9, 1980.
As the program offerings changed, the community came to know us as the Bureau. Our mission became serving all low-income youth in the neighborhood. We developed a number of innovative youth-run employment programs. We remained primarily employment-based until 1985 when we expanded programs to provide education and individual and family counseling services.
Our Education Program was created in cooperation with the Interagency Transition School, and initially served Seattle Public School students. Our Education Center Program, designed to serve drop-out students, started in 1986.

SWYFS currently has a staff of approximately 75 partnering with youth and families to transform their futures. We are actively planning to continue expanding our services across the area in the months and years to come.

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