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As Committee On The Shelterless (COTS) turned 30 years old in 2018, COTS leadership committed to a vision to end homelessness in Sonoma County, and focused our mission to assist people to transition from homelessness to a permanent home.

Similar to ending life-threatening disease, or significant worldwide problems like famine, we believe that there is a solution to homelessness that can be realized in our lifetime. At its core, homelessness is about not having a safe, stable, and permanent home. If not having a home creates homelessness, the solution to homelessness is to support people to find and keep housing.

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Similar to ending life-threatening disease, or significant worldwide problems like famine, we believe that there is a solution to homelessness that can be realized in our lifetime. At its core, homelessness is about not having a safe, stable, and permanent home. If not having a home creates homelessness, the solution to homelessness is to support people to find and keep housing.

We endeavor to not confuse an adult, family or childhood crisis of homelessness with that individuals’ poverty, mental illness, health challenges, substance use, or personal choice. We endeavor to serve everyone who comes to us with a housing crisis – and to do so quickly, expertly, compassionately and without judgement.

Founded in 1988, COTS was an expression of two local residents’ concern for children and adults who were sleeping outdoors in culverts, dumpsters or other unsafe and unsuitable conditions. Laure Reichek and Mary Isaak raised money from private donors, enlisted the support of the faith community and fraternal organizations, educated the larger community, and monitored sleepovers at temporary shelters throughout the city.

As the year draws to a close, you may already be looking ahead to tax time. You may also be searching for meaningful gifts to give this holiday season. Of course, you may have other issues on your mind, such as whether the clunker taking up space in your driveway or garage is worth what it’s going to cost you to winterize it.

If you would like to address all three of these issues with one action, then why not donate your car to charity? Donate for Charity works with a network of nonprofit charities to coordinate vehicle donations nationwide. Your car donation is tax-deductible, and you get to choose the charity that will receive your gift of hope. If you don’t have a specific charity in mind, you can browse a list of nonprofit agencies that would welcome your generosity.Best of all, the process is easy and fast. Just call us at 1-866-392-4483, give us the information on the vehicle and the location for pick up. We take care of the rest. Within 24 hours, you will receive a call from the tower to arrange pick up. Most of the time, the tow company can pick up your car within 24 to 72 hours. We arrange for the vehicle to be sold at auction or to a salvage yard, depending on condition. The charity receives a check and you receive a final receipt for your tax records.

This is the time of year that encourages giving. You may have your own traditions, such as writing checks to charities or volunteering your time to help those less fortunate than you are. Donating your vehicle lets you make a gift that has far-reaching consequences. Who can say how many people the charity receiving the proceeds from your vehicle may be able to help, thanks to you? If your car cannot be repaired, we recycle it in a responsible, completely green manner, a gift that benefits the environment and all who make this planet their home.

The deadline for a tax break on your 2013 taxes is December 31. However, we can arrange to pick up your donation sooner. Perhaps you have family coming for the holidays and need the parking space. You might have concerns about the effects that cold weather might have on a car that is in good operating condition, but is seldom driven. Your car might be sitting at a garage, in need of a repair that you are reluctant to pay so close to the holidays. Whatever your reason, the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can arrange to pick up your car — and the sooner a grateful charity can receive the benefits of your generous gift.

It’s The Seasons For Giving With Thanks!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time for giving in addition to giving thanks for the opportunities and blessings that we ourselves possess. The true spirit of these holidays resides in spreading joy and merriment others, especially when they are less fortunate. Many people donate money to charity during this time of year or volunteer their time in soup kitchens or at other charitable locations.

On top of these good deeds, there is another unique way to give something back this year.

Charities Like No Other

There are a huge number of charities in existence that accept car donations as a form of giving. Donate for Charity works with over 400 local, regional and national charities that give back to their communities and constituents. Cars or trucks that families and individuals no longer use often sit on a lot somewhere or in a driveway merely collecting dust and contributing nothing to the advancement of society. It is also often the case that people continue paying for registration and insurance on vehicles that rarely receive any use. Eliminate these bills and do something good for someone less fortunate this season by donating cars like these to a charity through Donate for Charity. We ensure that recognized, legitimate non profits can use donated cars in order to benefit children, adults, animals and the sick & poor in need. For people that have little to look forward to in the future, especially around the holidays, the positive emotional impact of such a donation can be immense.

Be Thankful for Good Deeds

There are plenty of practical reasons to donate your car to charity as well. The hassle that comes in selling a car yourself or dealing with used car dealers for very little return can be completely avoided. Rather than causing yourself further headaches during the holidays, elevate your holiday cheer by knowing that you have done something good this holiday season. Additionally, donating your car to charity allows you to make an itemized tax deduction on your federal tax returns, actually putting some money back in your pocket. The donation process is simple and straightforward. Donate for Charity ensures that charities benefit, with a completely free pick up for your car donations. And we can help with all paperwork that must be done on your part concerning the car transfer, title, and other legal documents.

Benefits No Matter What

The car that you donate does not even have to run (although your charity will benefit more from a working, running vehicle). Charities accepting these types of donations will accept vehicles of any kind, including trailers, boats, RVs, SUVs, and motorcycles. A car in working condition is preferred,  although some vehicles are in conditions too bad for resale, so end up recycled in a completely green and environmentally-responsible fashion, making it a win, win situation for everyone concerned.

Make this year the one in which you create a real difference in the life of someone who lives in need.

Donate your car for a big Thanksgiving thank you!

As the end of the year approaches, maybe you’re considering giving your old car to a favorite charity in order to both benefit the less fortunate and to take advantage of the tax benefits charitable donations provide. However, this year is different in that the IRS and other government agencies are taking an unscheduled vacation, courtesy of the current deadlock in Washington.

But don’t worry! This will have little to no impact on your ability to make both a charitable donation and to take advantage of the tax deductions it provides.

Charitable Donations and the IRS

When you donate a car, Donate for Charity will ensure you recieve the paperwork and information that you will need to submit to the IRS. Donate For Charity has years of experience, and 100’s of partner charities, so guarantees all of this paperwork is completed for you in a timely manner after your donated car or other vehicle is sold at one of our network of auction houses.

What this means for you is that you don’t need to panic. This year, like every year before, the IRS will give you your tax break based on your charitable deduction. Donate For Charity will get you the paperwork you need, and you will submit that paperwork with your tax return, just like normal.

Will the IRS Accept the Paperwork?

Don’t worry! Although some parts of the IRS, such as the helplines and certain non-critical departments are closed for the duration of the government shutdown, the parts of the IRS that are involved with accepting and processing your paperwork are running just like always. This means that when you submit your tax return, electronically or physically, it will be handled in exactly the same way it was back in 2012.

Remember that the IRS must accept and process valid tax deductions, which will include your donation of your old car to your charity of choice via Donate For Charity. There is absolutely no reason to be worried. Just donate your car, file the paperwork you will be given, and then get ready to enjoy your tax deduction and feel good, knowing you have helped those in need.

Why Should I Use Donate For Charity?

Using Donate For Charity can improve the amount of money you can save on your taxes. Not only does Donate For Charity provide you with all the paperwork needed for your tax return, but it also can help you get a larger deduction. Due to lower overheads, industry relationships, and aggressive negotiation of costs, Donate For Charity provides a far higher percentage of the proceeds from your car donation to charity, which increases the amount you can take as a tax break. In fact, on most vehicles, charities receive between 70 and 80 percent of your car’s eventual sales price, which is a higher percentage than most any other national vehicle donation program.

Choosing A Charity You’d Like to Support

Through our website, you can choose your own charity or we can help you select from a list of legitimate partner charities. Not only does this help provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your contribution is going to a worthy cause, it lets you choose the cause. Whether you want to contribute to a local charity or find one that is working on a project or service you feel needs funding, Donate For Charity will make certain the money gets to where you want it to go.

Doing a good deed shouldn’t be difficult. By working with Donate For Charity, not only can you be assured that your tax deduction will go through without a hitch, – even when there’s daily hitches in Washington DC! – but you know where it went and how much funding the beneficiaries received from your car or other vehicle.

Because of that, don’t hesitate to work with Donate For Charity, and don’t worry about the IRS, because in this year, like every previous year of car donation deductions, you’ll receive your tax break.

drive-in-movie-carI remember a time when I used to drive my car everywhere; from movies to restaurants, to tiny quaint cafes. There was no place that I or my car hadn’t seen. In the 60’s when the drive-in used to be all the rage, I recall going there with all my friends. Since I was the only one who had a car, I would pick them all up and we’d all go together cruising in the darkness. It was like almost re-enacting a movie scene.

While fashions and trends change, for most people, their love for their cars remain the same. It reminds them of a milk shakes and terrible loud music. Most of all it reminds them of the good old days. However, like everything else, there comes a time when one must part ways with even the most loved of possessions. At this time, one must think with her mind and not follow the heart blindly. Just like that, a time came when I had to bid farewell to my car, as I needed a better one. That car had meant everything to me, so I couldn’t just sell it. It needed someone who would love it as much as I had. I donated my car to charity. I figured that by donating my car I had sacrificed it for the greater good.

Though initially, donating my car was a completely sentimental decision as time passed, I figured that I had done the right thing financially as well. While selling it might have resulted in a bit of extra cash, it could have caused me various headaches; such as annoying buyers or fixing it up. Donating my car saved me from these hassles and so much more.

Though not the impetus for my decision, a hidden incentive was the tax deduction; almost 40% of the market value was deducted on my car as a tax write-off.Just like me, there are countless others who donated their cars. Some donated for sentimental reasons, while others wanted refuge from the ever-growing tax rates. Donating a car isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You can’t just pick a charity from the internet and donate. It requires thorough and comprehensive research because of the various charity scam cases that abound both online and offline. Everybody, at some point of his life or the other, has read or heard about charities ripping people off. When trying to donate your car, you will need to make sure that you choose a charity from a list that contains reputable non-profit organizations.With increasing inflation the need for cash at hand for charities has increased significantly.

In the 50’s and 60’s, though they may have worked very hard to serve their communities; they never needed a huge supply of cash at hand to survive. However, times have changed and poverty has increased incrementally over the years. Therefore, it is inevitable that charities are somewhat desperate for cash at hand. Big ticket donations, such as cars, are sorely needed as they bring in a good-sized financial windfall for charities. These funds serve the sound well-being of the communities, which the charities serve.

When you donate your car, you are providing for the needs of real communities in your area and are serving the overall greater good of society. Across the United States , there are folks in great need right now as you are reading this article, who would greatly benefit from your donation. So why not choose a cause that touches your heart and then donate your car to it? Remember, it’s better to give than to drive.