Need Tax Help With Your Car Donation?

tax help for car donations

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Many charities these days rely on older generations to keep operating, as people under 30 have decreased in their charitable offerings. This can often be bad news for a lot of charities, and impede their ability to operate in many ways.

Donating your car, boat, or other vehicle to a charity is an amazing idea. Sometimes we have vehicles sitting around that we really don’t need. There are many charities that can benefit immensely from a donation such as this. The best part about it is you still get reimbursed for your vehicle in the long run because you are provided with a tax receipt upon donation of the vehicle. You are allowed to receive the full market value of your vehicle as a full tax donation through the IRS!

In addition to cars and boats, you can donate vehicles such as RVs, fleet vehicles, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and trailers. Many people have these vehicles just sitting around on their property, or they are seldom used. Even if they are used often, but you’re thinking of upgrading or getting a different vehicle, donation is a great idea.

Donating your vehicle to a charity is also a lot easier than selling it yourself. You might receive the money upfront selling it yourself, but then you have to go through all of the paperwork and finding a buyer. Choosing to donate to a charity not only helps other people, but alleviates the paperwork, DMV visits, and the hassle of finding a buyer and negotiating a price. In the end, you’ll still receive the full value of your car.

Another really great thing about donating your vehicle is that you can choose the charity the proceeds from your vehicle will go to. Choose from any number of charities that you are passionate about and feel like you are really making a difference in the lives of others. There are even lists of local and national charities to get you started.

Your vehicle can be donated in all 50 states. It takes up to two days after making the call for someone to arrive and pick up your vehicle. This is an excellent way to have a vehicle moved and out of your way and your worries quickly. Cars don’t necessarily have to be running for you to donate them, but if they are running it is a lot easier on the donation center and generally more money is provided to your charity of choice.

Choosing to donate your vehicle to a charity you feel is deserving is a very rewarding experience. Knowing that you have done something good in your life – something amazing for other people – provides an intense feeling of self worth and accomplishment. Putting a price on that is a hard thing to do, even if you do technically get reimbursed. You just get to experience the best of both worlds when you donate your vehicle!

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