African Aid Organization, Inc.

African Aid Organization, Inc. (AFAID) is a non-profit organization devoted to providing first-class assistance, support, and education to the most vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Not only AFAID is working on a thorough and accurate understanding of HIV among young men and young women (aged 15-24) in sub-Saharan Africa, it also helps to make the world much better by helping the children in that region to be able to accomplish their goals, free of the daily struggles of poverty, hunger, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS and other abuse. Like children all around the world, these children are smart, ambitious and creative but they just need the resources to demonstrate their potential. AFAID believes that HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty strikes mostly when household resources prove insufficient to secure the essentials of dignified living. The consequences of such a situation are devastating; they include hunger, children out of school, exposure to unnecessary health risks, and the diminution of household back-up resources.

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