Aphasia Center of California

The Aphasia Center of California opened its doors in 1996, and was the first independent nonprofit organization in the nation dedicated to providing direct services to persons with aphasia. Today, our high quality, holistic, cutting-edge treatment programs offer a “lifeline” for participating individuals, their families, and caregivers—creating a community of people that support and understand one another—while providing stories of hope and success.


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Dr. Roberta J. Elman, Founder and Executive Director, responds to thousands of inquiries a year for information and referrals. She also speaks nationally and internationally at conferences and workshops. Dr. Elman’s research provided the catalyst for this model agency, and continues to be a vital resource for rehabilitative service providers all over the world.

Today the Aphasia Center of California continues to pioneer innovative communication therapies and is a source of expertise in the field. Through our community-based center in Oakland, California, and our highly experienced speech-language pathologists, we provide excellent personalized service, deep understanding, and compassion for those whose lives have been impacted by aphasia.