Cupertino Language Immersion Program

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About CLIP

Since fall of 1998, the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) has offered the students of this district a unique educational opportunity centered on dual language proficiency and biliteracy. This alternative program, the Cupertino Language Immersion Program (CLIP), helps prepare our students for their future social, academic, and career challenges and opportunities through spoken and written mastery of a second language.

Immersion Education
Immersion education is an exciting and innovative program in which children develop the ability to speak, read, and write in English and in a second language. In this type of program, children learn in a very stimulating and creative way, which research shows, leads to intellectual flexibility and high academic achievement. Knowledge of more than one language and culture is becoming more and more important for our children’s full participation in a culturally and linguistically diverse world.

CLIP Mission Statement
To give students of Cupertino Union School District the opportunity to develop high levels of proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing English and another target language. These students will be able to communicate effectively in both languages, and achieve academic proficiency in subjects that will meet or exceed district guidelines. This program is based on the two-way language immersion model where the target language is a vehicle of instruction, not the focus.

CLIP Program
Presently the target language is Mandarin. The Mandarin Immersion Program began in the 1998-1999 academic year with one kindergarten class. Starting in August 2006 the program expanded to include kindergarten through eighth grade. This program is taught using a two-way immersion model where one portion of a student’s day is spent learning in English, and the other portion is spent learning in Mandarin.