Early Music America

Early Music America logoEarly Music America’s mission is to develop, strengthen, and celebrate early music in North America by supporting the people and organizations that perform, study, and find joy in it, and by championing the contributions they make to the health and vibrancy of their communities.

Early Music America is the North American community of people who find joy, meaning, and purpose in performing, studying, and experiencing music created before the 20th century. For more than 30 years, EMA has enriched the field of early music in North America by developing and supporting interest in the music of the past, so that it informs and shapes our lives today. The breadth of EMA’s membership – including professional performers, educators, ensembles, presenters, instrument makers, amateur musicians, philanthropists, and many more – has made it an important advocate for early music throughout North America. Through its membership publications and activities, EMA supports the performance and study of early music and promotes public understanding of its potential impact on people and communities coast-to-coast.

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EMA serves and strengthens the early music community in North America. EMA envisions a world where early music flourishes as an integral part of musical culture and reaches a large and diverse audience; where people understand what early music is and are engaged with it throughout their lives as listeners or performers; and where early music performers are fairly paid, early music organizations are financially stable, and philanthropists see the early music world as a good place to invest. EMA believes that early music provides a valuable way to understand history and human culture; that historically-informed performances provide important musical insights and experiences; and that early music fosters creativity.