Empowering Spirits Foundation, Inc.

Empowering Spirits Foundation logoThe Empowering Spirits Foundation, Inc. (ESF) is a national nonprofit civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality through community service activities. Instead of attempting to change laws ESF strives to change the hearts and minds of individuals and institutions that may have not previously favored gay rights or supported LGBT populations, through events designed to allow both sides to work together in a positive environment to foster non-confrontational dialogue and dispel negative stereotypes. Volunteer today and help ESF promote equality!


You  probably know from your own experience as an LGBT or Ally person that knowing  and caring about an LGBT person is usually how straight people become allies.

Making  new allies is what we do at Empowering Spirits Foundation.

You  can help by organizing or volunteering for one of ESF’s community  service projects, or by identifying a “hot spot” in your community where  a service event is needed.

ESF’s non-confrontational  community service projects give LGBT and Ally people the chance to share your  gifts, have fun, and make friends with straight people who do not yet support  LGBT equality. We aren’t trying to win the argument; we are seeking  reconciliation and deep community.

When  you work alongside your non-ally neighbors for the good of your local community  while openly and honestly sharing your experience as an LGBT or Ally person,  you dispel negative stereotypes. Once straight people see that LGBT individuals  are not very different from themselves, the old, unfounded and inaccurate  stereotypes they held are shattered.

Suddenly  they have to picture your smiling face when it comes time for them to vote or  stand up in their church or school or city council meeting. Suddenly LGBT civil  rights aren’t something they can pass judgment on from a distance; LGBT inequality  has become about the suffering of someone they know.



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