Family Services of the Merrimack Valley


Family Services is a non-profit, social service organization committed to helping children and families build a better life by developing inner strengths, teaching life skills, and providing vital community-based resources.

Rooted in compassion and respect for the diverse population we serve, we help more than 3,000 people in the Merrimack Valley each year through over 20 high quality programs focused on:

  • youth development,
  • parent education and
  • emotional health.

All of these services are infused with a sense of hope and possibility and produce tangible and sustainable change, enabling individuals to thrive within their family, community, workplace and school.

Success Story

The Stand & Deliver program at Raytheon has had a tremendous impact on me, not only towards my education but also my career goals.  When I first heard about this program I thought it was a commitment that I wouldn’t be able to make.  Attending session every Tuesday from mid-October to early May from 3:30 – 5:30 isn’t really for everyone.  And that’s what I love most about it!  As a student, I don’t only go for help on stress filled calculus. The mentors there have a greater purpose than just helping with school work.  They are there when you need some advice in life, some help on filling out applications, helping you decide which schools are the right fit, but best of all, when you need someone to talk to.  After my first year in Stand & Deliver, I have realized how important you can be to someone’s education. This year I decided to volunteer in my school as a mentor for 9thgraders.  It feels good knowing that you have someone out there encouraging and pushing you to the limit beyond your expectations.”


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