FIBC Institute

The FIBC Institute is dedicated to helping people to help themselves. Toward that goal we provide One on One, (And Group) Mentoring for At-Risk Youth and personal assistance for Seniors. We are dedicated to helping others realize their own potential to live healthy, productive and meaningful lives.

In bringing about positive and progressive change, it starts within the higher self and transforms the home, community, nation and world.

Our Vision is one of Hope, Support, Self-Reliance through Beneficence.

At FIBC we dream big because that is how we see the world and our potential impact on it. We are willing to show others how to unlock their own potential and live their best, most authentic reality because we know that is what will change reality for all of Us. We focus on community outreach programs for Healthy Living, support for At-Risk Youth, and attentive care for our community Elders.

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