Friends for Youth, Inc.

Friends for Youth logoFounded in 1979, Friends for Youth Mentoring Services program has helped nearly 2,000 youth-in-need reach their full potential. Our 90% success rate of creating long-term mentoring matches is far above the national average. Studies have consistently shown that youth in our program improve their motivation and school performance, demonstrate increased self-esteem and resiliency, and rarely have future involvement with the Juvenile Justice System. Mentoring works.

Serving youth-in-need in San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties, our mentoring program matches youth with adult volunteers. The youth in our program are referred by teachers, counselors, therapists, social workers, and other youth professionals. Our youth are youth-in-need,  meaning they may be facing problems at home with their families, struggling at school, or experiencing issues in their neighborhood.

“The more I learn about Friends for Youth, the more impressed I am.  Their program is truly the gold standard in the mentoring field.”
-Dr. Jean Rhodes, Boston University, Leading Mentoring Researcher and Keynote Speaker 12th annual Mentoring Conference:  Share What You Know, January 2011

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After more than 30 years, Friends for Youth represents the gold standard in the mentoring field.  Mentoring programs throughout the country have requested technical assistance in setting up and enhancing their own mentoring programs.  Friends for Youth’s Mentoring Institute was created to address that need and share information on Recommended Best Practices through products, trainings, and an Annual Conference.