Gemstone Foundation Research Institute

The Gemstone Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization, dedicated to helping all people achieve visual efficiency through research and service.
Visual efficiency is important for many activities of everyday life. When the eyes move accurately and effortlessly across a page, for example, reading becomes easier. Good eye coordination improves sports performance, too. People who do any kind of close work, whether with computers or crochet needles, can perform that work better if their ocular control is efficient – that is what we mean by Visual Efficiency.

The control of eye muscles is just like the control of other muscles in your body. People are not born knowing how to read, or how to move their eyes to read. These neuromuscular skills must be learned. And as with any other skill that involves learning, some people learn faster than others. If children do not develop the necessary visual skills to meet the challenge of smaller text and larger information content as they progress from elementary to middle school – or about by age 10 – then academic work can suffer. .. More


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