Lehigh County Humane Society

Lehigh County Humane Society logoFOUNDED IN 1906
To provide a haven for homeless animals and to prevent cruelty to both animals and children.
We are a life saving animal shelter. The Lehigh County Humane Society, the following year, was officially incorporated and one of the founding board members was Jessie Dent, the great grandmother of former Congressman Charlie Dent.
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The Lehigh County Humane Society has an Open-Door Policy
All homeless animals brought to its doors will find sanctuary. Upon entering the shelter, each animal is examined, medicated if necessary, housed and fed. Aggressive efforts are made to find each one of these animals new homes. Frequently, we collaborate with reputable adoption partners such as breed rescues and foster groups.

The Humane Society of the United States has cited our organization for excellence and we have been praised as being an exemplary model for humane societies throughout the nation. We employ a Humane Police Officer and have a staff of trained and certified Animal Care Technicians for all areas of animal care and management. A great veterinarian in our clinic provide services three days a week and provide medical care and surgery for animals in our facility. They are assisted by veterinary technicians and assistants.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, our Community Outreach and Humane Education program is expanding daily. In 2016, our Outreach program started in Allentown and has since expanded throughout the Lehigh Valley. Initially our concern was for the well-being of abandoned, unneutered and unvaccinated pets in the city. Going door to door, we are currently interviewing and interacting with pet owners in the community. The survey continues today and we hope to assess our findings about animal pet ownership and community needs in early 2019.