Life Changing Ministries

Life Changing Ministries logoAt Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Services, we are an instrument of God, doing all we can to help support others struggling with addiction nationwide. Look into your heart and give what you can to support our substance abuse treatment and mental health help. Everyone deserves a chance to live a life devoted to God and being his instrument. Help us give others that chance.

Founded by Robert Harris, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and serves those suffering from addiction nationwide. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome substance abuse to achieve their dreams and goals. We have over 30 years of combined experience in social services and spiritual guidance. Our staff has the necessary knowledge to provide an array of services to those struggling with drugs, alcohol, and mental health problems.

It is our goal to help individuals through a spiritual awakening. We are committed to providing a holistic treatment approach that addresses environmental, physiological, psychological, and social factors, while also focusing on ethnic and cultural values. We attempt to help individuals rise from the rubbish of poverty and addiction to find a fulfilling life devoted to God.


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