New Child Fundamentals

New Child Fundamentals logoNew Child Fundamentals is a non-profit, founded by Dr. Niazi, dedicated to providing classes, tutoring and other educational materials to help parents and children feel empowered to make healthy choices. Classes will be available for both children and parents and will involve topics such as literacy, healthy pregnancies, children’s developmental stages, bullying, healthy food and exercise, and mental health. As part of its literacy program, free books will be provided to parents of children of all ages.
“It Takes a Village”… the old adage goes, to raise a child. In today’s increasingly fast-paced and fragmented world, the safety net of caring individuals who help raise children to fulfill their potentials is becoming harder to find.  As a pediatrician with twenty years of experience, Jaleh Niazi has seen the challenges that children and parents face in navigating choices regarding their education, health, and communities. She has found that there are fundamental building blocks in each child’s development that are not receiving the attention necessary to allow children to thrive and excel. In particular, some parents need help navigating the best resources for their children.

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Furthermore, as part of its mission, New Child Fundamentals strives to connect children to the myriad of existing children’s health programs and mentorship opportunities in the surrounding community. By interfacing with existing non-profit and community programs, New Child Fundamentals can help provide children with more resources while allowing existing programs to connect to populations that are not  currently being served.  It is our hope that by establishing New Child Fundamentals close to a pediatric office, families who otherwise would not seek out available resources will make use of them when referred directly by their trusted pediatrician. However, the program is by no means limited to a particular patient base and is open to the community at large. Our long term plan is to export this model to other pediatric offices so as to broaden the sphere of our impact.