Newton Community Service Center

Our core belief is that the strongest way to assure healthy child development is to ensure the quality of relationships each child has in the critical early years with parents, caregivers and nurturing adults.

NCSC strengthens families and the community in Newton, Waltham, and surrounding areas by providing programs that support healthy child development, enable parents to balance work and family life, promote effective parenting, and encourage volunteerism. The agency actively engages a racially, economically, and culturally diverse population.
Young children need to grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually, so that when they start school, they succeed. Unstable family situations, exacerbated by domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, poverty, and homelessness may greatly impact parenting and healthy child development. Recent research has demonstrated that young children develop within the context of stable and nurturing relationships. Healthy child development and the concurrent brain development that occurs during the first three years of life are essential for school readiness and future success. The parent-child relationship is crucial for healthy child development. Parents need assistance regarding 1) how to support their children’s emotional, social, and intellectual development, and 2) how to advocate for their children in school—all while meeting their children’s physical needs, earning a living, and maintaining the home.

NCSC addresses these community needs through four well-integrated programs, anchored by our Early Childhood Education (EEC) program for infants through preschool, and including family counseling and support (Parents Program), early literacy education and intervention (Parent-Child Home Program and Raising a Reader), and Child Assault Prevention.

Our longstanding programs, led by experienced and passionate directors, produce:
1) improved parenting skills for new and/or young parents
2) stronger family attachments
3) increased early literacy and improved language skills created through developmentally appropriate play and reading activities between parent and child.

Our approach is shaped by the Touchpoints Approach developed by Dr. T. Berry Brazelton from Boston Children’s Hospital, which focuses on relationships between the child, parent and teacher. This model has been evaluated in health care, early education and care, public health home visiting, and parent support programs throughout the United States with significant positive outcomes. NCSC integrates this unique approach into all of its programs.

In addition to our programs focused on young children and their families, NCSC also offers a creative volunteer program that serves the broader MetroWest Community. Our SOAR 55 program is part of a national network of volunteer agencies that help meet critical community needs through the volunteer service of older adults. The program provides direct service as well as management consultant volunteers to more than 80 nonprofits in the communities of Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Newton, Wayland, Wellesley, and Weston.