NIVAS logoEvery day here at NIVAS, we see what living in and owning safe shelter does for families. It is a place for sharing ideas, growing love and teaching responsibility. It’s where people get their nutrition and teach their children how to cook. It’s protects from the cold and rain. It has doors that can keep the bad out and the good in. It’s quiet, which makes a nice place to read and learn.
Every day too we see what life is like when all this is taken away. Temperatures dropping, rain threatening. The fear of nightfall. Stability is gone.
This is why good housing is foundational for families. As families move through our programs we see them go from getting by to flourishing.

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Often their creative instincts shine, starting businesses, crafting new ways of producing and drying their crops, even designing new types of spaces within their homes to support studying and praying and new ways of cooking.
Beyond these important foundations, being a homeowner increases a family’s economic position and bargaining power, truly opening doors to a better future.
We love what we do, building a better now with every family we reach. And we here at NIVAS feel lucky to be able to do it.