Orthodox Presbyterian Church

You’ll find Orthodox Presbyterian churches of many sizes in many communities throughout North America. All are called to demonstrate the love of God and the relevance of Christ’s message of deliverance to a society that is weary of sin, hollow materialism, and shattered relationships.

We enjoy meeting together to worship our Creator and Redeemer. In worship, God’s people adore him, bring him thanks, ask for his help, and receive the blessing of his presence. Through the preaching of the gospel, God announces his saving acts and calls people to believing and obedient response to his Word.

Through faithful teaching, our members grow spiritually. We seek to obey God’s laws because such obedience pleases him. So we not only embrace the teaching of God’s Word, but also strive to demonstrate its application in our lives.

Our churches care about people. We show concern for the poor and for victims of such catastrophes as famines and earthquakes. We’ll show you this love and concern as you involve yourself with us. Our goal and purpose can be summed up in the motto of one of our congregations, “Preaching all of God’s Word; sharing all of Christ’s love.”

When you visit one of our churches, you will find enthusiasm there about spreading the good news of God’s salvation locally and around the world. People of all backgrounds are part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and you will receive a warm welcome among us. Each local congregation has an important role to play in reaching into its own neighborhood, and then joining others in a worldwide outreach.

As a denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) carries out its mission for thisworldwide outreach through three ministry committees: the Committee on Christian Education, the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension, and the Committee on Foreign Missions. Each works to accomplish our purpose of bringing glory to God and proclaiming Christ throughout North America and the world, teaching them to obey what he has commanded.

Through the Committee on Christian Education, we help our churches to teach effectively the precious truths of the Reformed faith. We produce Sunday school materials, New Horizons magazine, training materials, a hymnal, and worship aids. Our Ministerial Intern Program helps churches prepare men for the gospel ministry through summer and yearlong pastoral internships. The Ministerial Training Institute of the OPC supplements seminary preparation with courses especially designed to prepare them for ministry.

Through the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension, we plant new churches throughout North America. We assist presbyteries in supporting regional home missionaries to identify and develop new church-planting sites and help new congregations find pastors. We have special concern for the urban areas of our country. We conduct training seminars for church planters. We also help established churches reach their communities with the gospel, and provide an OPC Loan Fund that helps congregations in need of new buildings.

Through the Committee on Foreign Missions, we send missionaries to the ends of the earth to establish indigenous Reformed churches. Presently we have foreign mission works in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Suriname, and Uganda. Where appropriate, the preaching of the gospel is accompanied by medical (and other) ministries of mercy. A significant part of the work on our mission fields is dedicated to preparing the next generation of men for the gospel ministry.

Through the generous gifts of God’s people within and outside the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the whole ministry of the Church goes forward. This ministry has a single, unified plan of giving called Worldwide Outreach. Gifts may be designated for special purposes, but we think God’s people will share more fully in his blessings when they support this whole ministry by making one gift to “OPC Worldwide Outreach.”