Our Saviour’s Outreach Ministries


From homelessness to concentrated poverty to the marginalization of immigrants and refugees – these needs present challenges. In the heart of the Phillips neighborhood in South Minneapolis, Our Saviour’s Community Services is a social services agency dedicated to addressing needs in community.

Our programs provide essential services. We offer free classes to learn English, math skills and more. We provide shelter, short-term and long-term housing. What sets us apart is our focus on creating opportunities to increase skills. From identifying the letters of the alphabet, to participating in a book club. From learning to count coins, to balancing a checkbook. From learning to read and understand a lease, to having the ability to responsibly sign one – each of our programs focus on increasing these skills.

We are intentional about involving volunteers. As we create opportunities for people from different backgrounds to come and grow, we empower people to positively impact their communities.

What We Do

We provide educational services for adult immigrants and refugees – over 550 each year – including classes in English, math, computers, and citizenship preparation.

We operate an emergency shelter, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness. Over 650 people each year find the encouragement and hope they need to get into traditional housing.

The engine behind it all? Our volunteer corps. Over 1,400 people each year come to serve meals, teach English classes, do grounds clean up – and so much more!


Increasing Skills, Improving Lives