Rebuilding Together Oakland East Bay

Rebuilding Together LogoHere at Rebuild Together Oakland East Bay, we build community partnerships to rejuvenate neighborhoods through the rehabilitation of homes owned by low-income homeowners and non-profit facilities that serve low-income communities. The work of our volunteers ensures the safety, comfort and independence of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and disabled, and that our communities in need have safe and pleasant facilities where they can learn, play and come together.

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Our clients struggle to maintain their homes, along with their dignity, when many of the safety net programs they rely on for food and other assistance have been eliminated by state and municipal budget cuts.

Elderly, disabled and other vulnerable homeowners unable to perform or afford home maintenance defer maintenance until the safety and soundness of the home is compromised.

When a homeowner with resources has a problem with plumbing, a broken window, an inoperable furnace or water heater, they place a call with the home warranty company; hire a handyman; or have a capable family member fix the problem. For the homeowners we serve the homeowner resorts to a bucket under the sink to catch the leaking water; duct tape and newspaper to cover the missing window pane; use a space heater or oven to warm a room; or forego a bath because the water is too cold.

We work collaboratively with community organizations and volunteers to preserve the homes of our most vulnerable neighbors. Our volunteers perform the work so a home is not tagged as blighted; before the homeowner sequesters herself to the one room with intact windows and a space heater or before he falls in the bathroom.

The repairs are performed by thousands of dedicated volunteers funded by the generous sponsorship of local corporations, foundations, churches, synagogues, schools and civic organizations.