Science Museum of Western Virginia


To make science and technology accessible to all people by being an outstanding regional institution that ignites and nurtures life-long learning.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Providing hands-on interactive exhibits.
  • Offering a variety of innovation programs, both on-site and in the community.
  • Preserving our collections and using them to enhance learning.
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere that stimulates curiosity and wonder.

Chartered in January 1970 as the first science museum in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Science Museum was created by a small group of teachers and community volunteers in response to the need for an informal education facility to help students learn about science. The Museum was originally housed in 400 square feet of the basement of Cherry Hill, a multi-cultural building in the residential neighborhood of South Roanoke. A number of school principals provided paid release time for teachers to develop curriculum materials that incorporated Science Museum exhibits and programs into the schools’ classroom instruction.


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