Sharon K Pacheco Foundation

donate-buttonThe Sharon K Pacheco Foundation was established in 2001 in memory and honor of the late Sharon Pacheco, whose life ended tragically in a car accident in 1991.

Mrs. Pacheco’s legacy includes being a devoted wife and mother as well as child care provider and devout patriot.

Her love for children and desire for a better life eventually took her down the road of small business ownership when she started her own day care center. Quickly becoming one of the most demanded child care providers in the county, Sharon cared for hundreds of children throughout her tenure.

Today, the expertise she shared with others, her devotion to our country, her love of children and those less fortunate, and her faith in God pave the road for the Foundation named in her honor.

The Foundation is a faith-based non-profit organization classified under section 501c3, of the IRS Code. All donations are tax-deductible as per the limits allowed by law.