The Friendship Network for Children, Inc.

The Friendship Network for Children, Inc. is a nonprofit mental health organization serving children with autism incorporated in the summer of 2004. It was founded by Nancy Swanberg, M.S., a licensed mental health counselor with extensive experience in public and private schools, mental health agencies, and private practice.

The approach used by The Friendship Network for Children, the Friendship Formula and  Social Accessibility™, evolved over Nancy’s 25 year career working with individuals who have neurological differences and are often misunderstood such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, and PDD.

Nancy believes: “All children have an intrinsic value and are worthy of love.” 

Nancy Swanberg, MS, LMHC and Kimberly Welch, MA are the primary clinicians at The Friendship Network.

Kimberly is a master’s level mental health counselor and art therapist. She also sings and loves music. She has undergone training in the Friendship Formula and  Social Accessibility™, working directly with Nancy at the Friendship Network. She has a talent and passion for working with children diagnosed with autism or with social learning concerns.

Nancy has helped many parents discover creative new ways to connect with their children. Through the Friendship Network for Children, we are able to share this approach with a wider audience so that many more may benefit.

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