“TransAccess provides persons with disabilities access to adaptive technology and career transition services so that they can achieve their desired education and employment, and improve their quality of life.”

TransAccess_-_The_Source_for_Accessibility_SolutionsThere is no cost to enroll in the School-To-Future Program. The Access Technology Center and Access Technology Van may require a fee for the evaluation and training of adaptive computer equipment and ergonomic worksite evaluation. Approved clients may be eligible to receive funding for services on a case-by-case basis or through corporate funding, the Department of Rehabilitation, Worker’s Compensation insurance carriers, or private pay.

Significance of Services

Nearly 26 million Americans are classified as “severely” disabled, requiring personal or technological assistance to perform daily activities. People with disabilities now represent the largest minority in the U.S. TransAccess offers persons with disabilities the opportunity to work successfully in a competitive job market.

Our History

TransAccess was originally founded in 1980 as Disabled Programmers, Inc., by Thomas Puorro, a former IBM executive whose son was paralyzed in a diving accident.
TransAccess started by training people with disabilities for careers in computer programming. Todays focus is on School-to-Future services for students with disabilities, Computer Access Technology assessments and training for individuals with disabilities and work related injuries.