VIDA’s Local and international Programs

Through a network of military, doctors, nurses, and medical facilities, VIDA is able to distribute medicine and medical supplies to the most remote areas in a short period of time.

Thousands of tons of medical supplies and equipment go to waste every year in the U.S. In cooperation with over two hundred Bay Area medical facilities, VIDA diverts tons of unused medical supplies from local landfills to sorted containers sent South to save lives in Latin America.

Medical Professionals from the US, France, and Canada travel to Latin America to treat patients as well as provide practical instruction in: respiratory therapy, reconstructive surgery, dermatology, anesthesia, endocrinology, gynecology, and cardiology among others.

Designed to address the primary health care needs of low-income communities throughout Peru, this program organizes groups of volunteer doctors to provide free medical consultations, basic nutrition and pre-natal care. Monthly visits assure follow-up healthcare.

The HIV virus is infecting children in Latin America at an alarming rate, many by their own mother’s milk. VIDA provides infant formula to mothers with HIV and programs that encourage high school students to learn about HIV causes and effects.


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