Car Donation Information for Non Profits / Charities

Why Car Donation Programs are a Great Idea!

It Is A Major Fundraising Opportunity

In any given year approximately 15-20% of your organization’s donors need to replace a used vehicle. Because automobile donations are sizable contributions, programs can generate a considerable amount of additional funds.

We Do All The Work

Donate For Charity gives smaller nonprofits the opportunity to establish their own vehicle donation programs without having to create and manage it themselves. With no increase in their workload, a local or regional nonprofit can establish the same type of program that is currently benefiting the larger national nonprofits. We will provide you with marketing materials and ideas to launch and promote your program, and can also give your organization the ability to receive vehicle donations on-line from your website.

Larger Nonprofits Have Established Successful Programs

Large national nonprofits benefit every year from thousands of additional donations generated through vehicle donation programs. It’s now rare to find a major nonprofit that does not offer a program. Their success clearly indicates that the general public is very receptive to the idea of automobile donation. Ironically, the fact that large nonprofits regularly advertise their programs actually benefits your organization as your donors are continually being reminded about the idea of donating their vehicle to charity. As a result, when you announce your own program, you can expect a strong response.

It Has Strong Appeal To Donors

Donors are able to receive a sizeable tax write-off, and at the same time help out their favorite nonprofit. They also avoid the possibility of receiving a low trade-in value from a dealer, or the expense (repair bills), anxiety and hassle of selling to a private party.

It Is Essentially A Riskless Proposition

Our program involves absolutely zero financial risk. There is no sign-up fee, annual fee, or any other expense involved for your organization to participate. In the event a loss is realized from the processing of a particular donated vehicle, the loss is not passed onto the charity for the specific vehicle, nor is the loss deducted from any future donation payments.

Donate For Charity Is The Ideal Partner

The Donate For Charity program offers the best combination of service, support and value in the industry. To learn why we have become the preferred vendor for local and regional nonprofits in all the geographical markets we serve, please click on the “Why We’re The Ideal Partner” menu choice above and to your left.