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The Blind Judo Foundation
“America doesn’t support its athletes, Americans do”

The Blind Judo Foundation helps blind and visually-impaired individuals achieve maximum independence, empowerment along with life enhancing skills through the sport of Judo.

The Paralympic Games give physically disabled athletes from around the world the chance to compete in many of the same events, in the same venues, with the same rules, as the traditional Olympic Games.

Blind and visually impaired athletes striving to represent their country in the sport of Judo must often compete, and win, against sighted athletes in order to advance to the Paralympic Games.

Led by Master Coach Willy Cahill, the Blind Judo Foundation is dedicated to providing blind & visually athletes the chance to train and compete in the sport of Judo. Our Paralympic athletes on the US Paralympic Judo team have:

  • Won Gold, Silver and Bronze at Sydney’s 2000 Paralympic Games
  • Won Silver & Bronze at Athens’ 2004 Paralympic Games
  • Won Bronze at Beijing’s 2008 Paralympic Games
  • Won Silver & Bronze at London’s 2012 Paralympic Games


In addition to providing much needed resources to our Paralympians, the Blind Judo Foundation also provides opportunities for blind and visually impaired youth and veterans to experience the benefits of this incredible martial art discipline. As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, our athletes rely on your

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