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Eagle Online Academy, a nonprofit organization passionate about long term online education solutions, with a primary focus on women and girls, was officially launched in August 2020.

We chose the name Eagle to remind the women to let their dreams soar high like eagles.

Eagle Online Academy Empowering Refugees program is set to serve Ukrainian and Afghan female refugees, currently residing within the US, by offering ESL courses, a cultural orientation class, and a Job readiness program. These courses are all geared to empower refugee women to not give up on their dreams, and to feel supported and loved in their new home.

Since August 2021 Eagle Online Academy:

  • Enrolled 400 Afghan and Ukrainian Female refugee in our English classes
  • 132 Afghan and Ukrainian has completed our job readiness program

Our Story

Tetiana, when Russia invaded her country, Ukraine, she lost everything- her home, her family…. her life was completely uprooted. She was one of 6 million internally displaced citizens. Devastated yet determined, Tetiana managed to make it to the U.S., to safety. But to settle, she needed to learn English quickly.

Thankfully, a friend told her about Eagle Online Academy. By offering online courses, e-mentorship, and other life-altering resources, EOA is uniquely developed to empower women from developing countries.

The best part? Tatiana’s entire life-altering, 100% remote education was FREE. Every student of Eagle Online Academy receives quality schooling for NO cost. This was only possible through generous donations by you and your network.

Tetiana is now fluent in English and is ready to enter the U.S. workforce.

The donation of just ONE of your vehicles could fund the Job Readiness Program for up to FIVE women.  your Personal or Business car can contribute to future of Ukrainian and Afghan Women and girls.

Your Donation is Tax deductible

For Dealership, It also happens that a MAJOR bonus of donating your unsalable cars is that women like Tetiana directly benefit from your charitability. In three easy steps, your old cars can forge a future.

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