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The mission of the Elizabeth Stone House is to serve homeless families and individuals in a goal-oriented, outcome-driven service environment by resolving the issues that made them homeless – domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental illness – so that they can attain and maintain permanent housing, personal safety, and economic stability.

Vision Statement
Elizabeth Stone House clients will find confidence, learn skills, and gain access  to resources needed to live competently, independently and safely.
Core Values
  • Transparency: (clarity) (clear expectations with clients about what they will receive and how ESH will provide support, opportunities for input from staff and clients concerning significant decisions, open processes of communication)
  • Appropriateness of services: (supportive and sensitive staff, adapting to needs of client, trained and competent professionals providing evidence-based services)
  • Outcome-orientation: (remain focused on results; use of appropriate technology and communications tools to measure, record, and report on results; make organizational decisions and provide services based on what is more likely to improve client outcomes)
  • Continual improvement: (continual feedback of outcomes to improve service delivery; adapting staffing and service models to fit changing needs of clients)
  • Urgency of work: (identify problems and potential barriers to improvement as they arise; respond quickly, efficiently, relentlessly)

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Helpful but not required: to better help us identify the right channels to sell your donation, pictures are always welcome. For instance, 1 picture from each side of a vehicle with 1 looking into the interior from the drivers side.

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You should hear from us within an hour during normal business hours - Monday through Friday, to quickly run through the donation process.