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The housing mission of Harborlight Community Partners (HCP) was founded by the First Baptist Church in Beverly in the 1960’s; its roots are entrenched in a long-standing tradition of caring, fueled by generosity.
HCP‘s history and many service partners come together like a quilt, squares sewn together by compassion for our fellow neighbors, offering the warmth of housing, hospitality, and supportive services.
Today, our housing mission has been augmented by the addition of smaller housing organizations which merged under the Harborlight Community Partners’ umbrella, seeking the financial stability and operating efficiencies of the larger organizations.

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Harborlight Community Partners’ Property Management Team is driven to operational excellence and a high level of resident satisfaction. We strive to ensure every resident feels respected, part of our community and assured of our commitment to provide a safe, dignified, and well maintained property to call “home.”

Harborlight Community Partners is committed to creating and maintaining housing that is affordable for a range of income levels. We provide homes for seniors, families, and individuals with special needs.

Living healthy and engaged lives: this is the major focus of our Resident Service Program. Activities, service coordination and outreach to residents all have an overarching goal to support our residents to live comfortably, as actively as they choose, and affordably age in place.

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