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We are the Lakeland, Florida, chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), which has been instrumental in advocating for hearing rights and access across the country.
They provide much of the guidance and direction for our educational and support programs, and can offer the same opportunities to you to better deal with your hearing loss if you join HLAA as an individual member.
We encourage everyone to become members of the HLAA to benefit from the personal enrichment they offer and to support their efforts in championing for hearing needs.

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The Hearing Loss Association of America, Lakeland Chapter, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating sessions where members can help each other to improve our hearing through:
• Education Our monthly meetings often feature expert guest speakers to keep us up to date on the latest hearing devices, treatments and other support resources in the community. The upcoming meeting is previewed on the home page.
• Support We provide group discussions and one-on-one opportunities so every member can get the support they need. Our selection of free brochures and flyers, plus our experienced members, will help you to identify many of the wonderful resources our community offers from a list of doctors and audiologists to suppliers of free phones and other services.
• Advocacy We promote hearing rights and access throughout our community. Our current lead project is to advocate for hearing loops within the Lakeland area.

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