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Saint Louis Effort for AIDS, known in the community as “EFA”, is the region’s oldest AIDS Service Organization (ASO). Founded as a nonprofit organization in December 1985, today EFA takes the lead in implementing innovative approaches that address the rapidly changing care, treatment and prevention environment for people living with or at risk of being infected with HIV. As an advocate for our clients and a comprehensive service provider, our goal is to support and enhance the health of people living in our communities.

History Highlights:

In 1992, EFA’s Client Services Department began providing case management services for individuals infected with HIV/AIDS, and in 1994, was funded as a Ryan White Title I grantee.

Dining Out for Life (DOFL), EFA’s annual fundraising event, was first presented in St. Louis in 1993. Today St. Louis’ DOFL is part of international Dining Out for Life in 59 cities in the United States and Canada.

Since 1997, EFA’s Prevention Department has been providing free testing/screenings for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), and in starting in 2002, with funding from the Office of Minority Affairs, EFA was able to conduct testing, prevention education and community outreach using the region’s first Mobile Testing Unit. Late in 2014, the agency began providing free treatment for STI’s and, with the availabilty of the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, EFA began offering insurance enrollment assistance throughout Missouri.

In 2015, EFA provided direct services to 9,862 individuals and indirect services to 14,798 individuals in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Each month, EFA provides comprehensive support services to more than 1,400 clients and reaches approximately 1,500 people for testing and prevention education through our community outreach activities.

Our Mission

Is to provide education on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and comprehensive support services to those affected by the disease.

Our Vision

Is for individuals and communities to be educated about HIV/AIDS and fully empowered to address this preventable disease without stigma, fear or hate.

Vivent Health is a new organization founded on the combined expertise of AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Rocky Mountain CARES, St. Louis Effort for AIDS and AIDS Services of Austin.

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