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We Care was founded in 1960 by parents of children with severe developmental disabilities. The agency’s founders sought to establish an organization that would enable children to receive a range of needed services within their own community because at the time, no such agency existed. We Care has grown dramatically since those early days. As public schools began to take responsibility for older children with disabilities, We Care’s focus changed to an early intervention child development program offering services for infants and preschoolers with special needs.

In 1985, we expanded our program to provide mental health services for children with social, emotional, and behavior issues supported by funding from the Contra Costa County Mental Health Division. In 2002, along with other early childhood providers, we developed a preschool consultation program providing early screening and identification of preschool children with behavioral and emotional needs.

In response to a significant increase in diagnosed Autism cases in this county, in 2006 we added two additional programs: Autism Family Support Project – for families whose children have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder – and an innovative summer day camp model for children with autism and their siblings ages 2 – 7. In 2009, we began preschool classrooms for low income children.

Throughout our 50 plus year history, We Care has continually enhanced and expanded our programs to meet the changing needs of the most vulnerable members of our community.

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