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It Started with Lunch…

Yes, really.  After an Oprah show about puppy mills, two friends went to lunch and asked each other a question… “How can we do more?”  A pet-sitter and a graphic designer who wanted to give more – more money, more time, more than they could give by themselves. And to support their passion, dogs!  And, they weren’t alone.  After a bit of brainstorming, a fundraising dog wash just seemed like a fun idea.  And isn’t ‘fun’ part of fundraising?  They shared their idea with friends and family and the idea grew.  Everyone wanted to help.  So they turned to their community, looking for sponsors, and again, everyone wanted to help.  The idea was now more than an idea, it was an event – a yearly event to raise money for dog based charities in their neighborhood.

Save-a-Mutt, previously Scrub-A-Mutt, is a registered 501(c)3.


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