Why We’re the Ideal Partner

Registered & Bonded

We are a registered and bonded commercial fundraiser as well as a registered and bonded car dealer. Our team has over twenty years combined experience in the nonprofit and automobile industries. We consistently provide outstanding customer service to both our clients and their donors. Owned and managed by Harvard Business School graduates, Donate For Charity combines professionalism, integrity and sound business practices to deliver excellent programs for its nonprofit partners.

Here are the three main reasons why Donate For Charity is the preferred vehicle donation program of local and regional nonprofits:

1) Integrity
We realize that before your organization can commit to having an outside vendor run your vehicle donation program, a high level of trust must first be established. Your organization’s reputation and goodwill in the community are your most precious assets and choosing the right vehicle donation partner is therefore extremely important. The two critical issues are: 1) that you receive proper and fair payment for every donation, and 2) that your donors receive prompt, professional and reliable customer service. At Donate For Charity we do more than just promise to satisfy these two major concerns.

Our integrity is a product of how we run our program. The key to our business, and our major competitive advantage, are the relationships we have with the nation’s largest and most respected vehicle wholesalers (auction facilities with in-house towing). By partnering with the nation’s premier vehicle wholesalers, we generate maximum proceeds from each donated vehicle, and guarantee that payment for each vehicle is traceable to precise and complete documentation provided by reliable, publicly traded companies.

Unlike many vendors who send a monthly check with little or no documentation, Donate For Charity’s monthly payment is accompanied by a detailed accounting of each donation including sale amount, all processing costs, vehicle specifics, and donor information. This accounting, backed by paper records provided by the auction houses, removes any doubt concerning fair and proper payment, and enables your organization to send thank you letters to each individual donor acknowledging the date and type of each donated vehicle.

Another benefit of using the nation’s finest vehicle wholesalers is that we can provide excellent and consistent customer service to donors anywhere in the country at every stage of the process. Although Donate For Charity employees handle the entire donation process (over the phone) and are the single point of contact for the donor, the physical vehicle pickup is performed by our vehicle wholesaler facility nearest the donor’s vehicle location. This is a crucial step in the process. Our vehicle wholesaler partners have their own extensive towing fleets manned by professionally trained in-house, uniformed and insured drivers. Because our vehicle wholesaler partners handle thousands of pickups every year, they run an extremely efficient and professional pickup service for our client’s donors. Since the tow driver is often the only person the donor will meet personally, it is crucial that the driver is professional and courteous.

2) Value
Our program’s overall value is the very best available. Our percentage pay-out to our nonprofit clients leads the industry, and our service and support is the most comprehensive package in the marketplace. Depending on the sale amount of the donated vehicle, we disburse between 70-80% of the net proceeds to our clients. This high payout is backed by a total program package that guarantees your organization will spend the absolute minimum time and effort to create, maintain, and prosper from this new source of funding.

Donate For Charity handles all aspects of the vehicle donation process: from the initial donor inquiry to the issuance of the donor’s tax receipt. In addition we offer marketing and promotional support at no additional cost. Your website can be updated with a custom, online donation capability (we do the additional HTML programming and email it to your webmaster, allowing them to modify your donation web page in a matter of a few minutes). We will also provide you with numerous examples of how to feature the vehicle donation program in your newsletters and regular mailings. In addition, all of our clients also receive custom color flyers ideal for distributing to employees, volunteers, community partners, and members. Finally, your organization’s promotional opportunity is evaluated and Donate For Charity will recommend and support additional marketing activities appropriate for your specific situation.

3) Relationship
Donate For Charity takes its role as a fundraising partner very seriously. Our client relationships are our number one priority and we do everything possible to ensure that both your organization and your donors have a pleasant and rewarding experience. Our goal is to remain your partner for a very long time.