The NAVA Fund

The National Fund for the Awareness of Violence Against Women and Children, NAVA FUND, was founded in 2003 is a non profit providing public support with the vision of creating solutions, developing strategies offering the community and assistance to the women in the Baltimore City and the state of Maryland area; not only addressing their need for affordable, low and moderate income, decent and safe housing but now offering them an opportunity to living free and green of the electrical grid. This provides a struggling woman financial freedom of the high electric/gas bills who find themselves making tough decisions in making ends meet and feeding the children.

NAVA’s mission is offering low income families the opportunity of home ownership and transitional housing plus giving the support, to break free of the violence that pushes women deeper and deeper into economic crisis and into an abyss of poverty and despair. We assist through referral agencies that offer:

  • free family structure support system,
  • education,
  • home ownership counseling,
  • pre-development & energy efficiency counseling saving money long term,
  • domestic violence and child abuse counseling,
  • family law and health assistance

to strengthen one’s self-confidence and to provide a solid foundation household for the woman and her children. NAVA is active in teaming efforts in establishing new family values empowering the woman as head of households giving her and abused children a new life.